Merry Christmas from Blendtec


It’s that time of year again — time for Christmas television specials. And thankfully the tradition has carried on into cyberspace. The latest episode of “Will it Blend?” answers the age-old question of whether you can blend an entire Christmas dinner into a delicious milkshake.

From the disclaimers (“Kids, don’t try this at home!”) to the fantastic swinging stock music, “Will it Blend?” hits all the right notes. This is must-see RSS feed TV!

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Darweesh Qaimari

Bless you this New Year from the city of Jerusalem, the city of Jesus Christ, although I am a Muslim youth, but this did not prevent the celebration of the new year and the birth of Jesus Christ-peace be upon him, I wish prosperity and happiness of all the inhabitants of the land and freedom for people in the occupied Palestinian territories.

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