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Broadband Content Bits: Daybreak Alive; BitTorrent Sony; Azureus-BBC; PBS Streams; TVNZ Streams

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Bunch of major online/P2P debuts moves:
Rest of Daybreak Shows To be Streamed: This is the biggest thing ABC has done for me, ever…I begged them to continue Commander-in-Chief online, after it was canceled last season, but they didn’t. But now, Daybreak, another ABC show that I really liked, has been canceled on the network, but each of the seven remaining episodes will be posted on the next seven Wednesdays at As Maureen Ryan says on her blog: “The fact is, posting unaired episodes and plot resolutions of canceled shows online just makes sense. TV viewers who feel ripped off by early cancellations and unresolved plots may be slightly mollified by getting free episodes online.”
BitTorrent Gets Sony Pilot: BitTorrent, the commercial distribution version, has made a deal for the full-length, non-DRM pilot episode of a comedy show called “Gay Robot” from Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison Productions and Sony Pictures Television. The first time a TV company has done a non-DRM download.
BBC to put key shows on P2P Network: BBC Worldwide is to make many of its key shows available on P2P company Azureus’ legal file-sharing network site called Zudeo. This is the first time BBC Worldwide has agreed such a deal, with shows including ‘Little Britain’, ‘Red Dwarf’, ‘Doctor Who and ‘Monty Python’.
PBS Pre-Streams First Full Episode: PBS, for the first time, will stream a show online before it is available on-air…it will stream pilots/specials for three potential new science series at Jan. 1, then air them on member stations starting Jan. 3 and ask Web surfers and viewers to weigh in online with their favorite.
UK Adds Intel-Sponsored Movie Download Service: Intel Viiv-enabled PCs in UK are getting a new movie download service. Dubbed Coolroom, movies downloaded through the service can also be beamed wirelessly throughout the home via a wireless network. Coolroom’s first content is from Universal Pictures.
NBBC Signs Up 150 Partners: NBC Universal

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