The European Video Sharing Sites: Waiting For YouTube?

An interesting overview of the online video sharing sites and scene in Europe, and the big question whether biggies such as YouTube would run them over once it gets serious about international/local expansion. It says that the traffic across sites such as DailyMotion,, Clipfish and others has risen dramatically post YouTube acquisition, pointing to the growing interest following media coverage of the deal.
The fervor surrounding video sites seems to have taken hold most strongly in Germany, where ProSieben has been heavily cross-promoting MyVideo since buying into the platform in September. Meanwhile, development in France has taken a different tack. Dailymotion, which launched in March 2005 — ahead of YouTube — is so far independent of mainstream media groups. Also, launched in Spain in mid-October as an offshoot of media conglomerate Vocento.
All these players say local knowledge, expertise and media tie-ups matter, hence YouTube will have a difficult time there. Of course, parent Google has expanded in Europe with mixed results, so you never know.