PS3: Availability Up, Gouging Down


The PS3 is definitely a hot commodity this Holiday Season, but how hot is it? Colin Campbell of Next Generation spoke with Ian Drake, the head of NotifyWire (a company dedicated to finding rare, new items for its subscribers), about the PS3s availability and this is what he had to say:

“I wasn’t expecting this much volume before Christmas. I think we’re already at the point where many people won’t pay a premium for the console or be forced into buying bundles.”

So, compared to the Xbox 360 last year, the PS3 is much easier to find. So far, it seems that Sony has shipped many more consoles than Microsoft did in the same time period. According to Drake, the difference, while not staggering, is there, and of all the systems they’ve tracked, the PS3 isn’t selling as quickly as the Xbox 360 did. Whether that’s a product of availability or price (the PS3 sells for between $499 and $599) is still up in the air.

When asked about the online auction prices dropping drastically, Drake noted that people were “tired of being gouged on eBay.” On eBay, PS3s have sold for thousands more than what they retail for. Ah, the Christmas spirit. ‘Tis the season for price gouging!

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