Pandora: welcome to the social


Pandora_2I hate to borrow the Zune tag-line, but Pandora seems to be upholding it better. The free on-line music streaming service just added more social features so you can create a listener profile and bio. Other Pandora users can search the profiles to find listeners that share similar song interests, leave comments and also see or hear what folks are listening to that very moment. I listen to Enya and "Enya-like" artists on Pandora, so I did a quick search to see how many other folks also listen to Enya, with the results shown here.


If you haven’t tried Pandora yet, you’d be hard pressed to find a song you didn’t like. The service uses the "genomes" or attributes of music to provide songs you’ll like based on your musical preferences. After a few weeks of providing feedback to Pandora, almost every song played for you will be something you like. If not, you can just give it the "thumbs down" and never hear it again!

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