Nokia’s Immobile NYE Concert


Nokia has signed MSN as the exclusive online distributor of its Nokia New Year’s Eve concert, which will be held in five cities starting on Dec 31st and include artists like the Black Eyed Peas, Scissor Sisters, Nelly Furtado, John Legend, and Atomic Kitten. The performances will be streamed live and on demand, and for free, through The site will also offer exclusive artist content such as interviews, artist lists and updates, and there’ll also be a dedicated Windows Live Messenger tab integrated into the IMs in the host cities. (press release)
A handset manufacturer using a music concert to promote themselves is not a new idea…what stands out is Nokia’s apparent lack of interest in generating mobile content from the concerts. For example, in the original press release detailing this Jo Harlow, Senior Vice President of Marketing for Nokia, came out with the right words: “Living up to our promise of ‘Connecting People’, Nokia New Year’s Eve aims to connect millions of people from around the world through music and mobility”, however he then goes on to talk about leveraging the power of television, the internet, and conspicuously leaving out any mention of mobile or wireless. Which is insane — while it could be argued that mobility doesn’t necessarily require mobile phones, I’d hardly expect the largest handset vendor in the world to display that opinion, I’d expect them to focus on mobiles and talk them up.
The website does have sections labelled mobile, but so far they consist of wallpapers, ringtones and a couple of basic applications — nothing you wouldn’t expect from any big event. I realise this is mainly a branding effort, but it seems very strange to generate all this content and then not have any special mobile offerings (concert video, streaming music etcetera). It’s possible something will be announced later, of course, but it’s getting pretty late.

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