Get it together with Yugma

YugmaThere is no question that Wikis can be a useful collaboration tool, if you are a MobileTechRoundup listener you know how much Kevin likes them.  Even as useful as they are there are some times that the group needs to hook up at the same time for discussion and participation in real time.  That can get expensive with some online collaboration tools but a relative newcomer to this space might change all that as it’s totally free.  Yugma (who thinks up these names?) is a free online service that is optimized for group collaboration and has a lot of features the big boys have such as excellent annotation tools and the ability to pass control of the session around as needed.  The Yugma folks say the service is free "now and forever" so it might be a viable option for those who need a tool like this, at least for a while.  This is a great way for as few as two people to work together on a project, especially for brainstorming.  Yugma (previously LetsPowWow) will allow up to 10 participants in the free version, with premium versions allowing even bigger conferences.

(via Download Squad)


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