Finally a USB stick web cam


I have long wondered when someone would produce a web cam in the form of a USB stick for use with notebook computers and especially for slate Tablet PCs.  Akihabara News found one now released in Korea, the Volvox USB Webcam Key that fits that need perfectly.  The webcam can be used directly in a USB port so if you have a Tablet PC with the USB port on the top of the screen you could easily make this into a nice video conferencing setup.  Volvox is also including one of those flexible cords that let you shape it into a nice stand should your PC have the USB port in a less desirable location. The USB webcam is only 1.3 megapixel but can record VGA video at 30 fps.




I have a mobile phone “PHILIPS 768” that can be used as a webcam. connected via standart usb cable. maybe the best way of carrying your webcam with you. but that flexible cord is a good idea too.

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