Fils-Aime on the Wii Post-Launch


Nintendo has had a delivery problem in the last few years. Most of its high profile titles have slipped from their announced launch dates and have made their respective platforms less appealing. It’s well past the time where people will purchase a Nintendo console for anything other than Nintendo games, because third-party support has been anything but spectacular. So, what do you do to keep people coming back? That’s exactly what N’Gai Croal of Newsweek asked Reggie Fils-Aime.

Apparently, the way Nintendo plans to keep interest in the company is by sticking to a fairly rigid release schedule, with shorter release intervals for high-profile titles. Speaking about this process, Fils-Aime started with Zelda: Twilight Princess and moved on to:

“First, Zelda: Twilight Princess, on Wii, is arguably the best game we’ve ever made. Period. It is fantastic. It’s been essentially made, from the core essence of that game, to be perfect for Wii.”

He then goes on to site Metroid Prime 3, due out in early 2007, and Mario Galaxy, which is due between March and Christmas 2007 (I said it was “fairly” rigid). Among the release of those big name titles, we also have a few smaller ones that are just as exciting, such as WarioWare and Mario Party 8. If you add in the availability of classic console games via the Wii Store, then Nintendo is off to a pretty strong start. Here’s hoping that they can keep up the required momentum.

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