Filmmakers Face Challenges on Mobile Fims

WSJ has a good reality check on mobile video, especially filmmakers venture into mobile shorts. Despite all the hype, deals, announcements etc, don’t expect a new art form, the story says. Filmmakers experimenting with the medium, point to its shortcomings — in shooting and in viewing. Night shots look terrible. Wide angle shots don’t work. Detail is lost. “There’s not a lot of room for subtlety,” says filmmaker Valerie Faris, who with her husband, Jonathan Dayton are making one of the Sundance Institue’s mobile films.
Few issues which we cover here pretty regularly: business model issue, carrier intransigence, and then creativity in the sector.
On the creative front, wireless companies have made more progress, the story says. Producers are now developing mobile programming using techniques that take the constraints of the small screen into account.
Anyway, nothing groundshaking, but worth pondering over as the year ends.