Everyone’s looking forward to the HTC Athena


Why wouldn’t they be? Speculation aside, if the rumored specs are any indication, the HTC Athena could be one of the most powerful Windows Mobile phone devices yet. Several folks have opinions or reports on what we might see from HTC:

  • SlashGear wonders what the price will be on the feature-packed device.
  • the::unwired provides the updated pic above and specs; questions if this is all rumor.
  • Carrypad thinks this might be the ultimate carrypad.

Among the rumored specs, the Athena will possibly have:

  • 5-inch VGA touchscreen
  • Windows Mobile
  • GPS / GSM / GPRS / EDGE / Bluetooth / 802.11 b&g connectivity
  • 3 megapixel camera
  • detachable keyboard
  • 8 Gigabyte drive

My initial thoughts (if the specs are correct):

  • You won’t be able to touch this device for under $500 to $600, i.e.: near the price of low-end UMPCs with more features and a more powerful OS.
  • The detachable keyboard is nice, but not for heavy duty use; it looks too flat and small
  • Once you have a VGA WM device, you’ll never want a QVGA one again. VGA is a "disruptor", much like 3G connectivity.
  • The 8 Gigabytes of storage are likely flash-based to save battery life
  • Although there appears to be phone capabilities, holding up a 5-inch screen to your ear will likely cause most owners to use a Bluetooth headset.

You’ve got my thoughts. What do you think? Does a device with these rumored specs appeal to you?