Early Vista Tip #6: get more performance stats

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Monitor_menuThe wait for Vista continues and so do our irregular Vista tips; irregular applies the frequency, rest assured: these are "regular" tips. ;) I’ve had some minor device and driver issues and wanted to glean more info on my system that might pinpoint some problems. Lo and behold, Vista has a Reliability and Performance Monitor application. You’ll find it via: "Control Panel" and "Performance Information and Tools". Once there, look on the left side of the window for "Advanced Tools" to see an abundance of additional options and select "Generate a System Health Report".

Once you do, Vista will monitor your computer for around 60 seconds. It’s worth the wait, however, because there’s more data provided than you could read in 60 minutes! Nine different categories separate the data and each category has numerous sub-cats: just click the arrow to the right for an expanded view or click the Table icon for easier navigation to the specific performance attribute you want to review.


Here’s a few additional screenshots of my PC’s performance to provide you with an idea of the useful data:

Everything looks good here.

Hmmm…the HD Audio device isn’t quite right.

Looks like there’s plenty of startup programs.

Ahh….now we can see who’s got the disk spinning so much.

Again, there’s probably more info here than most people need, but I’d rather have too much information when trying to solve a problem than not enough. 40 days, 7 hours, 39 minutes and 5 seconds….4….3…

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