Do we HAVA ‘nother solution to watch TV from the road?

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Is there some new competition coming to Sling Media, one of my favorite mobile tech companies? That’s what Monsoon would like you to think based on their HAVA unit that provides similar functionality. Zatz Not Funny! has a first look after some hands on time with the HAVA unit. I like the idea of integrated WiFi and wish Sling would do the same in the future: I had to buy a separate WiFi adapter from Linksys for my Slingbox PRO. HAVA also adds recording features, something that Sling doesn’t natively provide.

Is it all good news or is there any rain on Monsoon’s parade? Well, I mostly use my Slingbox to sling TV to my EV-DO enabled phone: that didn’t work so well and to me, that’s a deal-breaker. It could have been something environmental, but for $250, I’d definitely want to watch TV on my phone, just like I do today. Still, HAVA could be an up-and-comer, so…..(you know what’s next)….stay tuned.

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