Candidate 2.0: Tom Vilsack


Governor of Iowa Tom Vilsack is running for the Democratic Party nomination for president. On Monday night he chose the Daily Show with Jon Stewart to make his first television appearance of the campaign. To close the interview, Vilsack promoted his site:

Vilsack: Shameless plug —, please.
Stewart: Is that one of them internets?
Vilsack: That’s one of those internets, yeah.
Stewart: Go visit him on the series of tubes.

And in a move to sew up “the LOL vote,” front and center on the homepage is Tom’s video blog, which he’s chosen to host at

After some self-deprecating comments about “learning this process,” Vilsack holds up a blackberry, just to prove how l33t he is. Of course, until Tom does the Numa Numa dance, he may not “go viral.” And if Snakes on a Plane was any indication, all the online buzz in the world won’t necessarily translate into real-life results.


Jackson West

Hugh, that’s hilarious!

Actually, that was “teh LOL vote,” but the joke was mangled by spell-checking software. It’s to suggest Vilsack is reaching out to the “tweener” crowd.

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