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Video search site blinkx seems to announce at least one new content deal per week, so we don’t even try to cover all of them. Today CTO Suranga Chandratillake called to say the company had tied up Dow Jones Online, pulling video feeds from,, and Barron’s directly into blinkx’s search engine.

The news video will be available on blinkx’s destination site as well as through its syndicated search engines, which are integrated into sites like Lycos — another side of Chandratillake’s near-constant deal-making. However, the Dow Jones deal does not put blinkx video search on Dow Jones sites. Also, while the feeds are currently only distributed through blinkx, the deal is not exclusive.

Dow Jones has a dedicated audience, especially for the Wall Street Journal site, but its paywall and lack of reputation for video discourage people from seeking it out, said Chandratillake. The media company is waking up to the fact that its free video content may do well if it’s distributed off the main sites. On the same front, Dow Jones launched a branded video player with Brightcove in November.

blinkx has little to lose in these deals. The company hasn’t signed a big enough fish to make itself profitable, but its costs are quite low because it uses content owners’ own video streams whenever possible, according to Chandratillake. He wouldn’t disclose traffic numbers, as much activity happens on its partner sites rather than at the blinx homepage. Update: We asked comScore for an estimate and they replied that traffic to blinkx wasn’t sufficient for them to report it.


Mary Hodder

Hi Liz,
It’s true that Dabble has all the WSJ and Dow Jones video info in our search system. We were given it directly some time ago, though it’s available in public feeds. It came in a lump with 74,000 or so videos, though WSJ and the other Dow Jones videos only number less than 500.

Here is an example of a Walt Mossberg / WSJ video on Dabble:

I kind of have to agree that putting out a press release for each and every little data feed (we were given 300 feeds yesterday by seven different companies) seems kind of silly. We’d spend all our time putting out the press releases if we did that.



Isn’t announcing in a press release every new “partner” a little strange. Yesterday in Red Herring, they said Dabble had 120. But we don’t see them “announcing” new data weekly. This is a great con for those who report tech news.

Can you imagine Google putting out a press release each time they got some new data?

And Dow Jones isn’t only searchable on Blinkx. They are on, Dabble, and Yahoo video.

This is just more Blinkx spin. But the weekly press release they put out on each new little chunk of data sure seems to get the spin meisters spinning as well.


why don’t they use P2P live broadcasting technology, like, one server providing global broadcasting with much better quality than brightcove? Maybe they have too much money wasted on bandwidth.

Marshall Kirkpatrick

Now that their interface is vastly improved, I think Blinkx is in a pretty darned good place as the video market comes into its own. Partnerships like the ones Podzinger is getting, where the search functionality is included in partner sites, seem like the next logical step.

Chandratillake gives a darned good interview too, would love to read or see one with him here!

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