Two Zune updates: firmware and official Vista support


Zune_firmware_upgrade_1Zune Thoughts tried the Zune firmware upgrade from 1.1 to 1.2 and it’s generally safe for you to give it a go. I ran my update this morning and had no issues; it only took about 5 minutes, so right click on your Zune device in the software and Check for Zune Device Updates. Unfortunately, there’s not much info as to what’s actually upgraded. I thought maybe the WiFi was upgraded to sniff out Zunes in a five mile radius, but alas, my Zune is still an orphan. ;) I suspect that part of the firmware upgrade has to do with Vista support, but folks see any new features, please let us know.

I did my upgrade on a Vista machine, so if you employed the hack to run your Zune on Vista, that will work too. If you’d rather have official Vista support, you can do that later today as Vista will officially support the Zune software and device with a download from Microsoft.

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