Spock Scores $7M

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Spock, the so-called people-based search startup that we’ve written about in the past, is announcing it’s raised $7 million in a Series A funding. Clearstone Venture Partners and Opus Capital Ventures are behind the round. The startup is in private beta mode right now, but we checked out the service a few months ago and thought it was interesting.

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I know some people at Spock, and I just got word from a close friend that Spock is doing a really stupid marketing campaign–which no one will even understand!

Apparently, Spock purchased several billboards on the 101 freeway that reads: “The Algorithm is From Jersey.” You may have seen this.

Apparently, one of the founders is from Jersey and thought it would resonate with the Valley.

What an idiot! The billboards must have ran at least 500K i would guess. But i’m no expert. Clearly they aren’t either.


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