Podaddies, yet another video ad start

Online video and the advertising opportunity it represents is one of the main reasons why there seems to be a new video advertising network every day. On NewTeeVee, Liz profiles Podaddies, a San Francisco-based company that is about to launch. I have to say, their name had me reaching for the “purple pill.”

We asked Pagel about the origin of the name Podaddies. He replied, via email, “pod – podcast. addy’s – emmies of ad world. we take po’ daddies and turn them into rich daddies. Who’s Yo’ Daddy?”

They seem to be pretty high on the online video advertising market, but like we keep saying … Google (and Yahoo) are the only big winners when it comes to any form of digital advertising. Given that Google has cornered the market on sales people, we get a feeling that they might be headed for the victory lane when it comes to online video. Like Podaddies, all online video advertising start-ups will have to come to terms with those pesky sales executive issues.

And in other start up news:

  • Spock, a people search service has raised $7 million from Clearstone and Opus Capital.
  • Ticketmaster invests $13.3 million in iLike, a company we wrote about earlier.
  • ExpoTV raised $6 million.

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