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Orb MyCasting Gets 500K Downloads

Orb Networks has announced that more than half a million people have downloaded and are actively using its MyCasting service. This is on PC as well as mobile, and the release doesn’t give any breakdown. It does have this paragraph on mobile:
“Costello attributes the increase in Orb usage to both growing customer awareness of the new technology choices available to them and the recent mobile carrier partners that launched in Europe over the past six weeks. “With Vodafone’s Mein PC, Orange’s Mon PC a Distance and the 3 mobile carrier group’s Xseries offering, all featuring Orb or being powered by Orb, we’re seeing a surge in downloads in those geographies and it’s just the beginning as consumers begin to take full advantage of what the mobile web has to offer,” Costello added. Other companies recently joining forces with Orb include Nokia and AOL Winamp.”