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MySpace’s Print Foray: Marmalade

Earlier this year, there were rumors that MySpace was looking to launch a print magazine. That didn’t happen, but turns out it is tying up with a UK fashion/style magazine Marmalade to create a print issue made completely out of MySpace submissions: it will feature cover-to-cover MySpace content submitted by users, reports Guardian. I guess they need print, mainly because Marmalade doesn’t have anything on its site to begin with.
Users submit their work on MySpace’s Marmalade page, and the magazine’s editorial staff will also be trawling MySpace to find talent. The magazine is also going to hunt for journalists, photographers, stylists and illustrators to produce three reportage pieces, profiles and a featured interview for its March issue.
In May this year, MySpace tied-up with US title Nylon to help create the magazine’s seventh annual online music issue. This is MySpace’s first print foray.