MMO Areae Gets Funding; Sony Online Vet Heading It

Areae, a new MMO development studio founded by experienced MMO vet Raph Koster, formerly of Sony Online, has officially launched. The company has received its first round of investment from Crescendo Ventures and Charles River Ventures, but the amount was not disclosed.
The company hasn’t disclosed much else, but VC Susan Wu writes about the investment on her blog: “Areae sits at the intersection between Web 2.0 and MMOGs. If you think about it, the Web 2.0 and the Massively Multiplayer Online Gaming communities have largely been pretty siloed – gamer developers go to game industry conferences and Web 2.0 folks go to Web 2.0 conferences, and there has not been enough intermingling between the two communities.”
Lot more details in this interview with Koster on GameBizDaily.