In Other News: Crisis TV, Time on YouTube and The Beeb


Finding news so you don’t have to:

Crisis TV: Josh Spear finds a non-profit that funds and distributes reporting on humanitarian crises around the world. “ covered the famine in Mali and Niger, and its footage was picked up by every major American network as well as by Reuters and the AP.”

Time on YouTube: Time’s latest cover article delves into the history of YouTube. Turns out the rags to riches story started with an idea for a video version of HotOrNot.

Rich blogging tools: The company providing the technology for Comcast’s blogging tool has launched its rich-media blogging platform, Vibe Journal. “They’re also launching VibeTV, a service that lets you choose from preselected video ‘networks,'” Mashable reports.

Mac for SageTV: For families fragmented by their heterogenous choice of platforms, SageTV launches Mac support to compliment their Windows and Linux clients, finally bringing everyone together around the warm glow of a PVR.

Zudeo lands BBC: Azureus’s content portal, Zudeo, has signed its first major content partner, the British Broadcasting Corporation, for online distribution in the colonies. Sadly, only a smattering of shows will be available by “early next year,” and “the beeb” could prove slow in leveraging the latest advances in Python-to-Python technology.

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