2007 Big year for tech IPOs?


Netsuite, Clearwire, and who knows even Facebook: what’s your take on the technology IPOs in 2007. Up, down or flat.



Its not whether public markets are ‘ready’ or if the bankers want to do them…the post Enron regulatory environment makes those 2000 tech IPOs difficult to justify. The current reality is that it is significantly harder to be a publicly traded company then it used to be.


Do you hear anything about a Tellme IPO? They were supposed to be hot but I don’t hear much about them any more.

Om Malik

Amen to that. i whole heartedly agree. i think it is banker driven market, since they wall want to do something… anything


Whether the public markets are ‘ready’ is another question; the attractiveness of public markets here in the US for typical ‘web 2.0’ company is significantly weaker than it was in 2000.

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