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  1. 10 items for daily travels of Web Workers. MORE
  2. Surviving an extended Power Outage. MORE


  1. Second Life: Hype vs Anti-Hype vs. Anti-Anti Hype MORE
  2. Welcome to GigaGamez. MORE


  1. NBC goes for uncensored, on the web. MORE
  2. Some nano-stars are on the move. MORE
  3. Attributor Launches to track viral content. MORE

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  1. VCs, the new liquidity providers. MORE
  2. Cingular hikes SMS Txt prices. MORE



sorry, forgot to add the BIG point: all those items on your nav bar, that expanding thing of yours, they’re all about the people behind these ideas, companies and technologies…so technically any story from a central ‘headz’ blog could also be posted to the appropriate category (gaming, sw, etc)


okay, my personal dream request for gigaom network: a 5 questions blog (gigaheadz?) where you send out five simple questions (or hard ones) to high profile tech people, edit replies and then post…

sure, anybody could try to do it, but few other writers have the kinds of industry connections that you have…thinking about doing it myself as well, but for something a bit more nerdy…

i think it would be particularly interesting to talk to big minds about standards, major shifts in the market, etc, and have it spelled out in plain english, not some cryptic jargon that smacks of industry insiders…

you could perhaps start with somebody from the world of ‘internet2’ or ipv6 (big gov spending in this area next year, and a whole new future for cisco and hp)…or big media companies, or digital entertainment or whatever strikes your fancy…

seriously, there are enough people out there to get a zillion of these, then you can just pick the best ;)

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