Warner Bros. Buys Into SCi


SCi Entertainment Group has received an investment to the tune of 87 million dollars (estimated) from Warner Bros. Entertainment. This investment would gain Warner Bros. a 10.3% share in SCi, who is the owner of the publisher Eidos. Eidos is the publisher for the successful Hitman and Tomb Raider franchises. Included in the deal is the rights to several Warner Bros. properties including the comic book version of Batman, the Looney Tunes, and certain Hanna-Barbera titles and T.V. properties.

In related news, along with the buy in, Warner Bros. and Eidos have recently entered into a distribution agreement. Under this contract, Warner Bros. would handle warehousing, purchasing and logistics in the United States. Eidos would still handle all marketing, sales and PR out of their U.S. office. Finally, we can look forward to a game based on the O.C.! Not only that, though, it’s going to have some serious purchasing and marketing power behind it!

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