UMG On Aussie Prepaid Cards

UMG has signed a deal with Australian telco Gotalk to offer mobile music on prepaid cards. “The Universal Music Content Card is a prepaid card which allows the user to purchase content for their mobile phone including truetone and polyphonic ringtones, videotones, wallpapers, videos and interviews.” The card works with any carrier but GoTalk customers get a 40% discount. GoTalk is a fairly small player in Australia, so it’s good that it’s available to everyone. The cards are promoted as a way to ensure customers don’t spend more on the music than they want, and can use it on the web ( or via their handset. Single label deals have their problems, of course, but UMG is the biggest label. The press release claims this is an exclusive deal, but I know that that UMG mobile content is available in Australia in other ways — so “exclusive” must refer to the cards, which is not that big a deal. It will be interesting to see how it does, since the various business models for mobile content are still being worked out.