Ultra’s 8 GB of SDHC flash memory


Ultra_sdhc_8gbThe SDHC, or Secure Digital High Capacity cards are a-comin’ and Ultra offers their 8 GB for around $150. That’s plenty of capacity for most SD-capable digital cameras, not to mention plenty of other digital paraphernalia; bear in mind, your device has to be SDHC compatible to use these cards. The card isn’t super-fast, but does boast read speeds around 18 MB per second while offering write speeds around 3 MB per second, which surpasses what’s needed for Windows Vista ReadyBoost (but I’d test the speeds, just to be safe). Bear in mind the max storage capacity you can devote to ReadyBoost is 4 GB, so this card can pull some serious double duty with half dedicated to performance boosting and the other half for data.

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