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Podtech Signs Ryanne Hodson and Jay Dedman

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In a move which should generate a good amount of chatter in the vlogosphere, Podtech has signed “Original Vloggers” Jay Dedman and Ryanne Hodson to produce 3- to 10-minute shows twice a week, primarily interviewing personalities about sustainability. For an example of what the show will be like, check out this interview with Google’s Eric Case about his biodiesel car.

Jay and Ryanne, who respectively helped author the books Videoblogging and Secrets of Videoblogging, are well known in the vlogging community — Jay from his role on the Videobloggers Yahoo Group and Ryanne from Freevlog. But both Jay and Ryanne were broadcast professionals before they were vloggers. The show that they’ll be producing will be a television show that just happens to be distributed online, Jay explained.

Jay stressed how different the agreement with Podtech was from standard operating procedure in mainstream media. The deal allows them to retain ownership over the content they produce, which is pretty much unheard of in television. They’ll also be paid an undisclosed fixed rate for their work, instead of a share of advertising revenue. And of course, they’ll be free to continue vlogging for their personal sites as much as they’d like.

Podtech, which hired Robert Scoble away from Microsoft and later signed up Eddie Codel and Irina Slutsky of Geek Entertainment TV, is developing a reputation for signing up respected talent from the blogging community. What’s still a mystery is how they plan on generating the necessary return on the $5 million in funding that’s apparently paying for all this.

Look for more details and observations from Jay and Ryanne in video to be posted shortly on their site, Ryan is Hungry.

Update: Video announcement.

5 Responses to “Podtech Signs Ryanne Hodson and Jay Dedman”

  1. Just how the heck do you know how much money they are making? They are not a public company and you are just making assumptions.

    If you bothered to look at their site you would notice they have plenty of sponsors who are advertising. Actually, unlike your blog which has an empty ad “Advertise on GigaOm” – all their ad slots are filled.

    Maybe you should stop crapping on other start-ups and focus on doing your homework, then maybe I will actually read this stupid blog more than once every three months. Then maybe you guys will have some revenue.

    I can’t believe GigaOM, which is a media company is calling into question how another media company could possibly make money.

  2. No revenue? You might check again. We have lots of corporate clients. Seagate sponsored my show (and is paying me a good amount to do it).

    But, you’re right. VCs are expecting a good revenue story and our VCs are the best in the business.

  3. Podtech needs to do more than make money. They took $5 million from a top tier VC. The VC will expect 10x their money back over the expected 3-5 years before liquidity. Let’s assume the VC took 25% of the company. 10x their money is of course $50 million. That means Podtech needs to see be worth at least $200 million for the VC’s to cash out at the level they EXPECT. (Not taking into account future funding rounds and dilution). Furrier, the Scobles and everyone else there had darn well better figure out how to be worth $200 million (market cap-wise) from what is essentially no revenue.