Pixsy gives any site a video search lift

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Last week, search engine Mamma.com launched video search in partnership with Pixsy, a startup that’s cut many such white-label deals for its metadata-based image search. Mamma.com’s stock soared 45 percent in one day.

It seemed that investors in the public markets wanted somewhere — anywhere! — to express their enthusiasm for online video. “I have to admit,” says Pixsy CEO Chase Norlin, “it’s fairly fluffly because video search is so hot.”

Norlin can’t promise a similar market-cap boost to sites all the way down the long tail, but he can offer you a search engine of your own. Tuesday, Pixsy launches PixsyPower, a long-promised product we’ve covered before over at GigaOM.

Publishers, bloggers, and social networkers can now grab a snippet of code to embed image and video search engines widgets on their pages. They can pick from categories to filter for relevant results on, say, celebrities, or travel. Pixsy then shares ad revenues with member publishers, but we don’t have the exact figures.

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Pete Cashmore

This was embargoed till 8am EST on Tuesday, but they only told me that after I wrote the post this morning, held it back and asked whether there was an embargo. Not your fault: totally a miscommunication from them. I saw your post and went ahead and published.

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