O2 XDA Apollo: 1 GB of memory and SRS sound in a smartphone


If I hadn’t seen this with my own four eyes, I don’t think I would have believed it. Jason Langridge points out pics and specs of the new O2 XDA Apollo over at MrPalm.com (credit: pic shown) and this phone is loaded; maybe even too much! I’ve been wondering what could take a Windows Mobile Smartphone to the next level but I didn’t expect to see 1 Gigabyte of internal memory and two speakers with SRS sound support. If that’s not enough, there’s also two cameras, Bluetooth and a 520 MHz mobile processor under the hood. I can’t read Thai (nor could I easily find a Thai translation site), so there’s probably even more here than meets the eye!

Does this sound like a bit much? Does it blur the lines too much between Windows Mobile and Windows or are these types of specs what you’re looking for in the next generation of handhelds?


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