NBC goes to Web for uncensored version


A hilarious, tasteless clip from this weekend’s Saturday Night Live has been the soundtrack to my morning. Sporting ridiculous goatees and sleazy outfits, Andy Samberg and Justin Timberlake croon a slow jam about the ultimate Christmas present for their girlfriends. If you’re not easily offended, I highly recommend checking it out.

What’s interesting here is NBC ran a bleeped version on television, but then posted the uncensored video on its own site, as well as on YouTube. It’s of course going to be much more popular on YouTube, where there’s no pre-roll ad. And for now, no FCC worries about wardrobe malfunctions.


Jesse Kopelman

Since when is “dick” a word that needs bleeping? Are we returning to an era where “gosh darn” is the strongest language permisable on the broadcast air-waves? Instead of appluading NBC for offering an uncensored version online, we should condemn them for censoring something that didn’t need any censoring in the first place.


That should have read, “I didn’t know there were active users that old on YouTube.”


Hehe, such an excellent video. Kudos to NBC for doing this.

An interesting culture clash is happening in the comments of that video. A 56 year old woman (jacksiethebox) is critizing NBC for posting the video. Some typical offensive replies follow but also some sensible ones about parenting.

I didn’t know there were active users that on YouTube. Is YouTube the first successful tech company to get older people to participate?

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