Microsoft Xbox 360 And ICICI Bank Launch Co-Branded Credit Card

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ICICI Bank and Microsoft’s Entertainment and Devices Division have launched the Xbox360 & ICICI Bank co-branded credit card. Customers get a ‘Welcome pack’ – one point for every Rs.200 spent, and 500 points can be redeemed…not much new there. The card enables financial options, which we have covered earlier, and customers will get promotional offers and rewards at multiple stages. Xbox had also recently launched a content to push sales of the Xbox, by offering those purchasing the Xbox between Dec 10th and 17th an opportunity to meet actor Akshay Kumar. So, why hold the contest only for a week?

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Cant get the connection why ICICI should launch a co-branded card with Microsoft X-Box. The segment is still too small and growth is expected in very long term. Any idea on the gains sought by either of the parties (especially Microsoft X Box) except visibility

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