Introducing GigaGamez

My little nephew Sid is barely three, but has already become an XBox 360 fanatic. If the growing popularity (and traffic) of games-related posts on GigaOM wasn’t enough, Sid’s passion for Microsoft’s hot-selling console convinced me that gaming was the future.

As online gaming becomes more popular, it is also going to become a driver for broadband adoption. Comcast and Verizon executives would agree.

Our conversations with several VCs, game experts and technologists indicate that gaming is also going to be one of the growth sectors within technology – accounting for massive server purchases, router and switch upgrades, and network buildouts.

There is no industry more eclectic and colorful than gaming. One hiccup, and a company as well know as Sony could find its fortunes reversed. A little love from millions, and Nintendo goes from a laggard to a winner. In other words, it’s an industry which is fun, fast and fatalistic. Much like the games themselves.

You might be asking, there are several blogs and news publications devoted to games and gaming consoles. Do we need another one? I would like to think – yes. When talking to Wagner James Au about the new site idea, we thought it would be good to focus on the business of games, online worlds and other related sub sectors of the business. So here it is: GigaGamez, the newest addition to our network.

Wagner, who is editing the blog, has some thoughts on where he wants GigaGamez to go, and what he would be covering in the site. Working with him is Jason McMaster, a freelance journalist who works with GamaSutra and Firing Squad writing technical pieces and industry interviews. We are adding two more bloggers to the mix, and will keep you posted on the progress of GigaGamez.

As one of his first in-depth posts, Second Life: Hype vs Anti-Hype vs Anti-Anti-Hype, Wagner clears the myths and hype around Second Life. In addition, he responds to Clay Shirky’s post over on Valleywag, Second Life: A Story Too Good to Check. It is worth reading, and by end of it, you can draw your own conclusions.

As for my little nephew – well he might have something to read when he grows up. Wish us luck guys, on this new journey.