Fujitsu P1610 Vista desktop


I recently posted a screenshot of my working desktop on the Fujitsu P1610 and since I installed Vista Ultimate on Miyagi this week I thought I’d be remiss if I didn’t post the Vista equivalent desktop shot.  I decided to post three to show off a little of Vista Ultimate on the P1610 so here they are in no particular order:

Jk_vista_desktop_2 Jk_vista_desktop_window_flipping

This last one shows the uber-cool window flipping which is lightning fast on the Fuji, even with video running in one of the windows.  I have a full working system built now with most of my core apps and will try to use it one day this week.  My buttons on the bezel are still not functioning, even though I’ve read of others getting them to work so I need to look into that further.


J Warner

As to the cost of the RAM, I agree; it’s outrageous. I am getting mine just after the first of the year and configured it with only 512mb. I’ll just stay “down on the farm” and ignore Vista until it becomes economical to run it. (At least on this PC…)


Just after I asked the question it occured to me that may be the P1610 has to be bought in one or the other configuration and it is not user upgradable. Similar to the LS800.
Do you feel that this is the situation? Thanks


Mine came with 1 GB installed. I believe that the memory is proprietary and has to come from Fujitsu, but verify that before taking my word for it.

J Warner

Thanks again JK! You are a fountainhead of TabletPC knowledge and wisdom!

J Warner

James; thank you for your response to my email the other day on the 1610’s durability. I have been reading the Fujitsu web site and am a little confused about the software bundle. Was ritePen 2.5 bundled with your 1610? If it was, how do you like it? I have never been a fan of TabletPC’s TIP concept and ritePen looks like a better system to me.


Tablet PC User

@ Nikooo

That’s so interesting…I’ve been using Mac OSX for over a year and Vista since RC2. At first, Vista seemed like a total copy of OSX. Now that I’m using Vista more (and still using OSX), I can safely say that Vista IS a MSFT product and is NOTHING like OSX.

Anyone who says OSX and Vista are the same either (a) haven’t used OSX for a long time, (b) haven’t used Vista for a long time (c) looked at screenshots/videos of Vista/OSX and made their conclusions.


Miyagi has 1 GB of RAM which seems to be plenty. I haven’t started playing around with ReadyBoost yet.


I really like the look of the Vista running on the little Fujitsu. How much RAM is required in the real world?

Tax Man (aka Bill)

Intuit sent out an email last week that only QuickBooks 2007 is compatible with Vista. So be prepared to upgrade if you are a QB users, and if you support users with older versions of QB make sure you keep at least one machine running XP.

Colin Walker

It’s good to see Aero working fully on this device James.

I must admit, the sidebar erally comes in to it’s own on a widescreen display. On a standard 4:3 display I can’t help but feel that it’s getting in the way a bit – even if it actually doesn’t.

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