Digg Does Video


Digg has launched a major facelift to accommodate video and podcasting as two new areas of expansion. The San Francisco-based company has been slowly increasing its areas of coverage, having added politics, entertainment and sports to its mix of technology news. They have dabbled in video, but now the company is attempting to become a people-powered curator of online video.

It is the second major social news and discovery service to jump on the video gravy train in as many weeks. StumbleUpon launched StumbleVideos last week. Video aggregation is a hot new category, but it is tough to pick a winner as of now. Get the full story on Digg’s facelift, video plans, and screenshots now on NewTeeVee.com.



Video Video Video. Everyone wants to get in on the act. This is a good move by Digg. I’m not so sure about there Podcast section though.


The worst thing about youtube is that the search doesn’t work (ironic, isn’t it).

The second worst thing is that it’s really hard to find good content in spite of the various lists, etc.

So the time has been right for services that simply grab the best content and make it easy to view.

I went to digg.com this morning and didn’t notice that there was video (I shouldn’t have to learn this from gigaom if I’ve already visited digg).

I tried out the new stubmleupon video service and was stuck in the chair watching great videos for 90 minutes.

You can tell which one I think is more compelling.

Frank A.

I have seen several interesting attempts to aggregate Internet video content. This one is, how can I say… simple?! Yet I still like that I can send people here to see what they’ve missed (have you seen all of these videos yet? They’re the best!)


Stefanos Karagos

Video drives the new path of the Web, so I believe that soon or later most of the popular sites will put video into the first “plate” :-)

Umi B

Ha ha!! Smart move Om. Though YouTube has become synonymous with Video blogging to be very frank. The other day I overheard someone saying “hey Stumple Upon got a Youtube now!” Interesting, isn’t it?

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