Cingular-MySpace Deal Finally Done; Launch Today


The much-rumored mobile social networking deal between MySpace and Cingular is finally done, and the launch is today. The $2.99-a-month MySpace Mobile service will let Cingular users post photos, blog entries and comments to their MySpace pages, as well as send and receive e-mail, reports WSJ. Other MySpace features such as video, extensive graphics and advertising, won’t be available.
Some other customizations: Cingular’s service makes it easier, through a direct link on the cellphone’s home page. Also, MySpace Mobile is more customized for navigating on wireless handsets.
The story says this is an exclusive deal with Cingular for few months, even though it seems MySpace still has a similar deal with MVNO Helio.
Some rationale of why MySpace might be popular on mobiles: The site has consistently been among the top five search terms on Cingular’s wireless portal. T-Mobile USA says MySpace is the most popular site among its customers who use Sidekick.
Reuters: Users will need to download a Java software application to their cellphones. Initially, about 30 cellphone models will be supported, with another 20 models supported in the coming weeks, which will then account for about 90 percent of Cingular’s cellphone user base.
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Sit on MyFace

The MySpace app is a joke. It barely runs on the RAZR (the upload photo feature was completely incompatible) and it's basically a WAP site packaged as a java app. Way to innovate guys. I guess we know why it's only $2.99. Piece O Crap.

S.S. Hoffman

I'm curious not only to see what MySpace and FaceBook do in mobile but what new innovations come from mobile-centric companies. There are a number of startups launching social networks specifically designed for handsets. These will provide the true breakthroughs in terms of functionality and communication on the phone.

The Hoff


easy – choose Cingular Mall on your phone and Shop Applications. You'll find MySpace under New Arrivals…

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