A Roomba with a view: live carpet cleaning from a Roomba

RoombaI received a review copy of the "Hacking Roomba" book over the weekend and found some fantastic hacks on the little robot that cleans carpets. I’ve already ordered parts to hack and upgrade my Roomba’s batteries; not sure if that means it will clean faster or if I can just make more messes on the carpet…time will tell. I couldn’t put the book down this weekend as it’s filled with various projects; one of which led me to this site: Robot Vacuum Cleaner Live! Yup, in this day and age of video and reality TV, you can watch a carpet cleaned LIVE as it happens and all from the Roomba’s point of view!

If there’s no live cleaning going on when you check, you can watch recorded video on the site as well. Once I get my battery hack up and running, I’ll be looking into adding my own webcam to our Roomba as well trying to control the unit directly via the web. Might make a nice roving security cam in the house, not to mention it’ll keep the cats on their toes when we’re out!

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