Sony PSP Movie Download Service To Launch Q1 Next Year; Nth Version

I have lost track of how many times this story has come out, in many variations (see related links below)…we’ve reported on this since last year, when Sony PSP came out, about a movie/video download service for it. And some video and movies are already available for download in Japan, and other countries as well. My understanding was this specific version was supposed to come out this Fall, under Sony Connect. But the story below says something else.
Now FT has details of another version: Sony, which has sold more than 20 million PSPs worldwide, expects to launch the service in Q1 2007 after tying up deals with online video providers, it says. The new PSP service has been developed by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment and will use the company’s memory stick technology to store the video content. Sony is distributing a 4GB memory stick capable of storing 10 feature films.
The story says that, Movielink and CinemaNow are in talks with Sony about signing up to the service…but not Apple iTunes, for obvious reasons. Some more background on Sony’s strategy in this second FT story.
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