Paper, Pen and Blackberry

In these days of Internet busy-ness, it is difficult to keep track of things. Over on Web Worker Daily Judi Sohn is talking about tools that help you take notes, and keep on top of things. I typically use Bare Bones Software’s YoJimbo and Aquaminds‘ Notetaker to keep on top of things, squirreling away bookmarks, or notes to self and what not.

But in reality many of these tools are great for collection, not for constructive reflection. Anne Zelenka recently wrote and essay about how pen and paper are the most effective tools to get things done. “Writing on a paper to do list might be just the ergonomic break your body needs,” she says.

Paper, Pen & BlackBerryToday was one of those days, when I decided to shut the computer(s) down and walk over to the nearest cafe and build a list of things to do, and simply contemplate.

A simple Moleskin notebook (ultraportable), a Waterman pen (ultrareliable), and a Blackberry (just in case) to keep me company – I spent nearly four hours making a massive to-do list, thinking about tasks that need to be accomplished before the year is over. Little things that need to be taken care off, bills that need to be paid, and emails that need immediate attention.

More than anything, the act of putting pen to the paper, organic, when compared to a computer, is one that opens up brain’s windows. For instance, I have been thinking about some widgets related posts, a chip-sector thought piece, and several other essays that need careful contemplation.

The raw information is already there – I have been reporting for a while now, but have not been able to arrange the pieces and snippets in a manner that allowed me to tell the stories I wanted to tell.

The biggest upside of today’s get-out-and-think break: I have somehow regained my writing mojo. Memo to self: go offline often, and think. Wait, let me just make a note in my Moleskin.

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