iPlay swings into mobile golf video


It may not be the perfect season to test-drive video golf lessons to your mobile phone, but last week’s news from iPlay is the kind of service that could be part of a “long tail” of non-traditional video services that won’t come from major networks or creative individuals.

Instead, I think we’re likely to see many small businesses or topic experts — like iPlay’s golfing partners — use the new creativity tools and near-zero distribution methods to bring video to platforms and places we haven’t seen before. I call these things Trinity Services — after the Matrix character who initially doesn’t know how to fly a helicopter but thanks to a downloadable service, quickly overcomes that barrier.

What’s next? Why not a service that lets you call a number to download an instructional video to your phone — say, how to change a tire? Anyone out there working on such ideas? Let us know.

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