Sprint sells Palm OS world phone with QWERTY keyboard!

100_2595 Yup, check your newspaper for the Sprint insert and you’ll see this ad for the Samsung IP-830w shown running the Palm OS. Let’s see: it’s got the QWERTY keyboard, Bluetooth, Quad-Band support and uh…what’s this….er…Windows Mobile 5.0? But the picture clearly shows the Palm OS; even on the insert.

OK, by now you probably realize the marketing faux pas, just like I did when I saw the ad. I understand that screen shots are often superimposed onto a device photo, which makes sense because it’s difficult to get a high quality screen shot. Seriously though: what does this say about a company and their knowledge of the products and services they sell? I’m not focusing solely on Sprint because this happens with many products and companies. The fact is: it shouldn’t. In this day and age, information moves faster than we can take it in, so accuracy of that information is a must. Remember the "five 9’s" for server uptime, i.e.: servers are available 99.999% of the time? I want "five 9’s" for my information: when I read something meant to be taken as factual, it should be accurate 99.999% of the time.

Granted, the marketing department of company is where this all starts, but let’s get some folks in the know to proof these things. What happens when a thoughtful spouse who isn’t tech-savvy is looking for the latest and greatest Palm OS phone? He or she knows that the significant other only uses Palm devices and snaps up this killer "Palm" phone thinking they have the perfect present? Bad information is going to make for a bad (and expensive) purchase plus wasted time for the inevitable return.

They say "a picture is worth a thousand words"; in a case like this: it speaks volumes.


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