NotePAC packs a wallop of features- just don’t carry it too far

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Kontron_notepacMy definition of mobile computer gets stretched pretty thin at 13 pounds but you have to admit the NotePAC from Kontron is pretty cool.  The Core Duo, 2 GB of memory and removable hard drives makes this touchscreen-enabled notebook very powerful and that’s no doubt why it weighs so much.  The whole notebook is ruggedized so you probably can’t hurt this bad boy and that contributes to the heavy weight.  There is no telling how much this notebook will cost but I can guess it won’t be cheap with everything crammed into that pretty industrial gray box.  I shouldn’t be surprised at the weight of the NotePAC, any notebook PC that has an integrated carrying handle can’t be light, right?

(via Mobile Magazine)

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Bobby Chapman

It’s kind of funny thatt your tag line is, “… using mobile devices since they weighed 30 lbs.” when there are mobile devices like this that weigh a massive(for today’s standards) 13 lbs, making it look like we’re back in the 90’s again. I have old typewritters that are smaller and weigh less than that clunker.
This was very amusing.

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