Unintended Consequences: Holiday Party Videos


Ah, nothing like web-enabled camera phones, alcohol and YouTube search for comedic possibilities this holiday season. There’s sports, music and dancing!

The kids at National Public Radio do nothing disprove the notion that they should stick to radio in this footage of their Holiday Relay Race. The “Mel-nora” makes the clip.

Close to my home, and heart, in San Francisco is footage of the Chronicle Books team singing Queen’s “We Are the Champions.” What is it with literary types and karaoke? And there’s lots more where that came from.

And what would a holiday party be if some employee didn’t tipple a little too much and dance? Of course, there’s also that kid from the ’80s who got a job in sales but can still bust a power move, b-boy style.

If you want to embarrass someone this holiday season, Mashable suggests three video greeting sites — StupidVideos’ SV eCards, MotionBox and YouTube’s Holiday WishCast.

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