Peer Impact sale: music downloads for $0.01


Peer Impact emailed to say it is offering its entire music catalog for $0.01 per song and $0.10 per album from now through the holidays. Guba has had some success with a similar cut-rate deal for movies. Unfortunately, they are both Windows-only.



Just a heads up Liz and anyone else looking at this Peer Impact raised the prices becuse of the overwhelming response and theier web servers kept on timing out , but they are still offering great deals .

Now the Albums are 99c

     Singles are 9c

This is good idea to try and compete with Apple. The deal is much better then any free p2p and 100 times better then any Russian site because it safe and is not going to get you sued.

Bryan Bartow

Nice find Liz. This looks like an awesome deal. I’m loyal to Apple and the iTunes Store, but I’m no idiot. You can’t beat this kind of a deal anywhere.

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