Launches Video Features; Corporate Blogs In Beta now allows users to put up video reviews of products, to go with the text reviews that the site hosts, and they’re trying to drive usage by offering a free ticket every day for 30 days, in collaboration with Flightraja. Mouthshut isn’t just about reviews, and there’s also a lot of content on the site that seems to be more like blog posts than reviews…to be on the safe side, they’re also calling it a video blogging tool. I went through the two pages of reviews, and users have also put up presentations, funny videos and some copyrighted Bollywood and Hollywood content. Mouthshut will have to watch out for copyright content being uploaded.
While on the site, I also noticed a ‘Corporate Blogs’ section, in Beta, which will probably allow companies to communicate with a community that reviews their products (hence, a highly involved segment). I find that more interesting than the video blogging tool – would be interesting to see how that space evolves. I’m wondering if it’s a paid feature for corporates…
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