Google-Baidu-video: Where’s the story?


The headline catches the eye, don’t it?

Google, Baidu Eye Online Video Business in China

But read the linked story — a Reuters post carried by the venerable New York Times — and you wonder where the editors are in the process anymore.

Saving you time: Nobody from Baidu or Google are directly quoted; there are no actual business deals announced, just speculation that Google and Baidu are interested in online video for China. Shocked, we’re shocked! The story does, however, quote “Industry sources,” “sources with knowledge of the situation,” “an Internet industry source close to the two Web sites in China,” “the source,” “the source, who declined to be identified,” and “industry experts.”

Maybe the reporter was just recapping what Katie wrote last week?

Some prose:

Industry sources told Reuters this week that the two Internet search leaders have independently had early discussions with some local video Web sites for potential business cooperation or possible acquisitions.

Here in Silicon Valley, that’s known as: “hey — want to have breakfast at Hobee’s?”

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