Facebook To Remain Independent, Really…

Facebook, having turned down a reportedly big offer from Yahoo (to the tune of $1 billion), is not for sale anymore, and will remain independent, according to a Bloomberg story. Board member Peter Thiel said, “It’s going to remain an independent company…The plan is to actually build it, maybe at some point take it public, but definitely not to sell it.” Thiel said the company is focused finding the best way to make money from its millions of members. He says the site’s college-aged users make it worth $8 billion or more, as much as MTV.
Founder Marc Zuckerberg: “We are not necessarily focused on what the exit is going to be — whether it’s selling the company or an IPO or when that’s going to be…but we obviously think that there’s a lot of potential to keep growing.”
The till-recently college focused social networking site stumbled early Fall on some major user issues, and by some estimates may have already jumped the shark.