DIY Wearable WiFi Meter


If you happen to be in Berlin on December 23rd, check out Fabienne Serriere’s workshop on how to mod a cheap WiFi signal strength detector into your backpack or messenger bag strap. If, like me, you won’t be anywhere near Berlin on December 23rd, you can follow along at home with this Engadget How-To.

What would be even more boss would be to hack the LED display of the Canary Wirless Digital Hotspotter to the strap, so that you can check specifically for open networks.



Wow. backpack/hardware mods. Nice? Just i don’t quite see the use of having a WiFi detector in your backpack. I guess it’s nice for people with backpacks.
I’m wondering: is it possible to do this to a sweatband or something small?


yeah i have one of the canary devices and am working on a mod for that, but for a two hour workshop i’m afraid only the three led style detector is feasible for newbie hardware hackers. thanks for posting about it!

fbz aka fabienne


If I was to be anywhere near Berlin I’d be making my way over to Hotel-Restaurant Igel on Friederikestrasse for some wild game dishes! :-)

OK, I know… back to blogging about Oracle-related technology…

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