AP’s YouTube Top 10


On the topic of top 10 lists, The Associated Press takes a stab at the “most significant” YouTube videos (or video categories) of 2006. One critique: it includes a few things that really took off in 2005 (Lazy Sunday and the Chinese Backstreet Boys). NewTeeVee heads probably have all of these bookmarked, but the list would be a good one to clip for posterity.

The picks:

  1. lonelygirl15
  2. Lazy Sunday (note: back on YouTube, where it belongs, but it might get taken down again)
  3. George Allen “macaca” incident
  4. YouTube founders announce Google acquisition
  5. OK Go’s treadmill music video
  6. Michael Richards’ rant (looks like it’s been removed)
  7. geriatric1927
  8. various videos used in legal investigations
  9. Chinese Backstreet Boys
  10. funtwo guitarist, Barats & Bereta, Aleksey Vayner

Jackson adds: prepare to get dated.

“Hey, do you remember Lonely15Girl?”

“No, dad.”

The day is fast approaching when “She was famous on YouTube once.” becomes the new “She was big in the Catskills.”


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