Andrew vs Amanda, part II


Do you long for the days when Andrew and Amanda dragged their soap-opera split through the blogosphere? Wait no more — looks like round two has just begun, with two posts on Andrew Baron’s blog today – one claiming that Amanda “usurped” her current ideas from the Rocketboom cupboard, and another dissing her new ABC gig and saying that ABC is “leeching” potential R-boom viewers by paying for Google adwords.

So far, no response on the Amanda Across America blog, just some more of that happy dancing. (UPDATE: Amanda’s response!) But if it’s anything like last time, maybe we’ll all have something to read and watch instead of end-of-year Top 10 lists. Nothing like a family fight just in time for the holidays!

hat tip to mediabistro for the Andrew links.


Bradley Delerum

At the beginning of today I had no idea who either of these people were, but it’s been super-slow at work so I spent the time googling their little mudfight and you know what? This ANdrew is clearly the victim of the deadly sins of GREED & PRIDE, he realized his naive “generosity” in handing over 49% of his idea was costing 49% of the profits, and others were the primary creators. Gotta hurt – his idea, run with by the “talent” and heis only making 51% of the money!

This is something the big shots would never ever do, and I suppose that’s what he would like to become. but unfortunately the focus on being a wealthy big-shot is why businesspeople only ACQUIRE good ideas, and never create them – welcome to their world Andrew! you’d better acquire something really great really soon, or very few people will even give a rat’s a$$ what you think about anything. And this time, don’t make the mistake of handing half of your future earnings over to the first pretty face that responds to your internet ad…


Nothing would warm my heart more than to see Amanda and Andrew be friends again.

I feel for Andrew though, sometimes you gotta just let it all out. And that’s especially hard to do when there are legal matters involved.


I certainly hope they can work this out because it really hurts both of them, especially Amanda as she just started something new.

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